June 28, 2022

YouTube Set to Try Live Streaming

YouTube Tests Live Streaming

YouTube Tests Live Streaming

YouTube, already synonymous with video-on-demand, is now taking a bold step forward into the world of live video streaming.

On Monday, YouTube will begin phase 1 of testing its platform for streaming live videos from third party content providers, a step in developing the Google TV service.

Although the testing is in partnership with four providers – Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood, it is open for any global video content provider to broadcast video content live on the internet through YouTube.

The test will be carried out on Monday and Tuesday and only requires the broadcaster to have a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera. It builds on the initial set of tests that were conducted using live video feeds from the White House and U2.

The test will also include a ‘Live Comments’ section where viewers can post comments and communicate with the broadcaster as well as other YouTube  members.

Chase Norlin, CEO of AlphaBird, an online video syndication service, noted that “consumers are addicted to live news and sports”. He added that, if YouTube can successfully blend live video streaming with video on-demand, it will come in direct competition with the traditional television set.

Norlin continued to say that “If YouTube can offer live events and license video content, then they have everything the consumer wants. At that point the only constraint would be to get the YouTube library on a television set.”