June 28, 2022

Yao Ming Not Ready To Retire

yao ming

Ming will become a free agent this summer if Houston opts not to extend his contract. Image by Keith Allison.

Yao Ming is just 30 years old, but has sustained a lot of injuries and surgeries in the last few years. Even so, he refuses to retire, at least not until the doctors say he has no choice.

On Thursday, Yao underwent ankle surgery to fix a stress fracture on his left ankle. Yao will miss the rest of the season, but hopes to start rehab and get back at it.

Yao was drafted by the Rockets in 2002 as a top pick. In his first three years in the NBA, Yao only missed two games. It wasn’t until the 2005-2006 season that the injuries began. That season he missed 21 games due to an infected big toe. He then broke his left foot and missed the last four games of that season.

In 2008-2009 he played in 77 games before he sustained a hairline fracture in his foot, which required surgery.

On November 10 of this season, Yao was injured again. It was at that time he had to decide whether he wanted to have surgery or not. He even thought about retiring, but rumors are he has no intention of retiring just yet. As a matter of fact, he opted for the surgery and is ready to start rehab so he can get back as quickly as possible.

The Rockets are trying to decide what to do. Yao is in the last season of his contract. They are exploring trading him before the February deadline, but they haven’t have any big trade discussions involving Yao to date.

This summer, Yao will become a free agent, although Yao would like to stay in Houston.