June 27, 2022

Woman’s Online Gaming Obsession Results in Tragedy

Online Gaming

Online Gaming Addiction

Utterly addicted to an online game, a British woman’s obsession resulted in her two pet dogs starving to death and endangering the health of her three children. The children had no regular meals and after the dogs died, their decaying bodies were simply left to rot in the dining room.

The object of the 33-year-old widow’s addiction was the online game, Small World.

A judge has now banned the woman from accessing the internet again. He also directed her to perform 75 hours of unpaid community service work and banned her from keeping any animals.

After getting hooked on the game which involves giants and dwarfs battling for world domination, she slept for only two hours per night. The court was told that she played practically non-stop for 6 months.

The woman’s children, aged 9, 10 and 13 had no hot food to eat during this period. They reportedly “drank” cold baked beans from cans since there were no spoons available for them to use..

When the woman’s two dogs died of starvation, their decaying bodies remained in the dining room for two months.

A neighbor who peered through the letterbox opening raised the alarm after observing the “appalling conditions” in the home.

Authorities visiting the house became physically ill from the stench of the “decay and filth”. Garbage and moldy food was scattered on the floor while flies swarmed over the dogs’ bodies.

The woman began playing Small World for an hour a day, according to prosecutor Deepak Kapu. However it soon became an obsession resulting in her living on only two hours of nightly sleep.