September 25, 2022

Windows 7 Tablet Version Coming At CES

windows tablet pc

Microsoft is expected to show off new slate tablets running a version of Windows 7 at CES next month. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft is reported to be toting along a tablet running a yet to be determined version of the Windows 7 operating system. It’s unclear if it will be a new iteration or a glorified version of Windows Phone 7.

Regardless, it could fulfill a commitment Steve Ballmer alluded to during a summer event when he mentioned, “We’re working with our hardware partners. We’re tuning Windows 7 to new slate hardware designs that they’re bringing them to market.”

Microsoft has been a bit behind the game in the new sector that Apple has carved out with it’s iPad Tablet over the course of the year. Google has released an iteration of the Android OS targeted at the larger than phone devices to mixed reviews. Microsoft has yet to get skin into the game as far as publicly available devices are concerned.

One of the devices The New York Times reported as being a centerpiece tablet for Microsoft is a Samsung model. It is said to feature a slide out keyboard and is anticipated to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab already available.

Other slate tablets are expected from Dell among others.

It’s also reported that Microsoft is working with software vendors to write apps for the new slate devices. These apps would be hosted by individual software partners on their own web sites rather than a Microsoft owned app store.