June 27, 2022

Will Zuckerberg End Up Making An Appearance On Saturday Night Live?

mark zuckerberg

A cameo appearance by Mark Zuckerberg is not out of the question on this week's SNL. Image by deneyterrio.

There are rumors floating around that Mark Zuckerberg might make a cameo appearance on Saturday NIght Live this week. The host for the night is Jesse Eisenberg, who portrays Zuckerberg in the Facebook movie.

It could be a great episode if Saturday Night Live pulls it off. They would have Eisenberg there, Andy Samberg, who has done many impressions of Zuckerberg and Zuckerberg himself.

Zuckerberg claims he has a sense of humor and would like to show it off. No better place than Saturday Night Live.

We aren’t sure if Zuckerberg will show up or not. The only way to find out at this point is to watch. What we do know is the musical guest for the night is Nicki Minaj and she is thrilled to be part of the Saturday Night Live lineup.

According to Minaj, “Being a part of ‘Saturday Night Live’ feels absolutely incredible. I still don’t even believe it’s true, I’m not even going to believe it’s really happening until — well, I’m going to DVR it, because I can’t watch it, because I’ll be on it, but until I see it back on DVR, I’m not even going to believe I was really on the show. This is epic, this is monumental, this is historic stuff.”