January 22, 2019

Will The Weather Cooperate For the Super Bowl And It’s Travel Fans?

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Weather seems to be cooperating a bit better for Super Bowl Sunday, making it easier for fans to get to the big game

It has been quite a week in Dallas, with ice storms and record snowfall, but the weather for the weekend is looking a little better with some sun. There is going to be some wet stuff that could turn into snow. The chance of rain or snow could happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fridays weather is making roads in the area better for commuting. It will also allow fans to get to their weekend destination, the Super Bowl. Saturday is slated to be the best day in a while, with temperatures above freezing and sunny skies. The hope is the weather will clear roads and allow flights to get fans in for the weekend.

Sunday will bring another cold front. Temps will be in the 30’s. Although not bad for the game, this is bad news for the fans that plan to watch the Super Bowl on the big outdoor screen at the Cowboys’ Stadium.

Even though it looks like the high will be 38, which will bring rain instead of snow, forecasters are worried about what will happen after the sun sets and temperatures dip again.

Nonetheless, the fans are making their way to the city and ultimately the stadium to see what they came for, the Super Bowl.