October 3, 2022

Will American Idol Make It?

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Season 10 of "American Idol" has its work cut out for it as Randy Jackson sets out to find someone to fundamentally impact the music business

“American Idol,” starting its tenth season tonight, is faced with some serious challenges that will likely decide its fate this year. The expectations put on the show’s Season 10 could quite possibly be unattainable.

Randy Jackson, the show’s only remaining original judge, spelled it out for MTV News in a recent interview, “I hope that ‘Idol’ finds a killer vocalist that helps to change music completely.”

He went on to elaborate, “Michael Jackson and Prince just slaughtered the business. Elvis slaughtered the business. I can’t remember a time when someone was that important in the history of the game of music.”

That sets expectations pretty high and sets the season up to be a make or break one for “Idol.”

The last couple of seasons have been rough ones for “Idol.” Viewership has declined as the format has lost some luster and judges started cycling through the open seats at the table. Last season was a particularly tough one with a general lack of talent that was compelling.

Now with Simon Cowell, arguably one of the more compelling reasons to watch the show, no longer seated at the judge’s table, many wonder if “Idol” will continue to have the edge its been known for.