October 3, 2022

Will Airports Ever Be Safe?

airport waiting area

Terrorists are starting to look for less secure areas to attack, such as the suicide bomber that detonated explosives in a Moscow airport

Terrorists have targeted the travel industry, specifically the aviation through hijackings and bombings. Since so much has been done to secure all planes and airports, it only makes sense for the terrorists to attack the area that is the most unprotected.

On Monday, a suicide bomber entered a busy international airport in Moscow. He set off his explosives in an area where he didn’t need to go through security. The terrorist instead targeted people in a reception area, where they were waiting for incoming passengers on international flights. There were 35 people killed, and somewhere between 110 to 125 people injured. Although authorities still disagree on the exact number.

Russian leaders are trying to decide who is to blame: those in charge of airport security or those who fight terrorism nationally. In the past, this area has had some metal detectors, but those are sporadic. Russian officials immediately had those set back up after Monday’s attack.

The area that was attacked is what is called a soft spot, since it’s less heavily policed, and this is true of airports around the world. Although according to President Dmitri A. Medvedev there was a lot of explosives carried and how no one noticed is alarming. He lashed out at the low ranking subordinates at the airport.

Airport authorities responded to Mr. Medvedev’s criticism, on Tuesday, by defending themselves. They said it was the governments responsibility to put safeguards into place not theirs.

Since 9/11, there has been a lot of safe guards put into place to protect travelers, but less has been done to protect areas outside those areas no subject to screening. There are a lot of places that people gather that need protection, it is difficult to prevent all attacks.