June 28, 2022

White iPhone 4 Could Be Just Around The Corner

white iphone 4

iPhone fans are hopefully that Apple will be releasing a white verison of the iPhone 4 soon. Image courtesy of Three.

Ever since Apple announced the new iPhone 4 seven months ago, users have been begging for a white version of the device. Apple has traditionally offered a white version of the iPhone, but has yet to produce one for the iPhone 4 model.

The reasons behind the numerous delays and lack of a white version to date are not completely known. Rumors peg the delay on device imperfections and manufacturing problems.

For those coveting the white iPhone, Apple may be close to releasing the device.

Earlier today, news surfaced that AT&T Wireless was including a white iPhone 4 as an option under it’s Online Account Management System. No availability date was listed, but it was an option in the system.

Not long after, two cellular carriers in the United Kingdom, Orange and Three, both had the white iPhone 4 listed on their sites as well. The white color option is selectable along with both 16GB and 32GB versions of the phone. So far, the white color option is listed as “unavailable” or “out of stock” but the option points to a pending white version coming soon.

One interesting thing about the timing is the proximity to Apple’s traditional iPhone refresh time frame. They have introduced updated iPhones every year in the May-June time frame. With a new iPhone 4 model color, many wonder if the company will be holding off on an early summer announcement.