September 25, 2022

Weis As Offensive Coach For Florida Gators

florida gators

The Gators have hired a new offensive coordinator who will be with them through the playoffs

Yesterday, reports showed that Florida wanted Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator. Today, he is just that.

Charlie Weis was offered the job as the offensive coordinator at Florida and he accepted. A full announcement is expected on Monday.

Weis was the former offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots and he is currently with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was also a coach at Notre Dame for five seasons from 2005-2009, a job he was fired from. He had a 35-27 record while at Notre Dame and two Bowl Championship Series.

Weis will be introduced to the Gator’s offensive coordinator tomorrow.

The Kansas City Chiefs currently lead the NFL with rushing and they rank ninth in total offense. The Chiefs are headed to the playoffs and Weis will stay with them through the playoffs.

He won’t start recruiting for at least a week, but he will be able to start calling recruits. Aside from recruiting he will also be calling the plays.

Hiring Weis does come with some risks. He comes with some health issues. He has a bad knee, an incident where one if his Notre Dame players ran into him during a game and tore his ACL. It’s so bad that he has had times when he can barely walk.

Also he has struggled with his weight. He had gastric bypass surgery back in 2002. He was able to loose 90 lbs, but slipped into a coma after the procedure. He sued for malpractice, but lost.