January 22, 2019

Weather Won’t Stop Super Bowl Fans

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Uncooperative weather is making it challenging to get to this year's Super Bowl

Or at least that’s the hope. Weather across the East is causing all kinds of travel problems. Not just with airlines, but on the ground as well.

As of Tuesday, there were storms stretched from Dallas to Chicago, and on East to Boston. More than 7,000 flights had to be canceled. Many of those canceled flights were headed to Dallas-Ft. Worth International, which was also closed down.

Those that were bumped from the flight due to weather were able reschedule with a fee. The only problem is for the fans trying to get into Dallas-Ft Worth International, all flights are already full with those coming in at a later time.

American, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and Southwest are trying to help out by adding flights from Milwaukee, which is the closest city to the Green Bay Packers.

On Monday, Dallas-Ft. Worth is expecting some 200,000 people to pass through the airport. On average, they see 160,000 passengers a day.

Once you finally make your way to Dallas, be prepared to pay a hefty price for your stay. Hotel rates are running about 200% higher, that number according to Priceline.com. That makes the median price about $180 per night. For 2.5 star hotels, fans will be paying $210 a night, up 280%.

That doesn’t seem all that high considering that ticket prices for the game are averaging $4,683. That price is nearly twice as much as last year’s price.