October 3, 2022

Volcano Eruption Cancels Flights

mount merapi volcano

The eruption of Mount Merapi is causing a multitude of problems, not the least of which is a hold up of supplies getting to those who need them

Indonesia’s most active volcano, Mount Merapi, has been erupting since October 26. On Friday, the volcano spilled out almost 2 billion cubic feet of rocks and ash, as high as 5 miles or 8 kilometers into the air.

It has killed 77 people today alone, bringing the total death toll to over 130. It has also forced nearly 200,000 people to flee their homes.

The international airlines are very fearful of the ash and have canceled flights in and out of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. The airports also chose to close because of poor visibility.

The closure has affected several airlines, and all flights between Singapore and Jakarta have been suspended at this time due to the volcanic ash. Volcanic ash could damage the aircraft and engines therefore becoming a safety threat.

The airlines that are currently being affected are Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia and Cathay Pacific.

Meanwhile, many of the supplies needed by the hospital are stuck in Jakarta. Hospitals are in need of burn cream, oxygen masks and saline solutions for IV’s.

The hospital has the only burn unit in town with just nine beds. They have been forced to turn away only those that are not severely burned.

Others have severe smoke inhalation, which scorches the lungs and causes inflamed lung tissue making breathing very difficult. The only ventilators are at the burn unit, so again, only those with severe burns and a great extent of burns are being considered.

The volcano is still erupting.