January 22, 2019

VitaminWater Over Advertising

vitaminwater vitamin water

Researchers are taking issue with the claims VitaminWater is making about prevening the flu. Image courtesy of VitaminWater.

Vitamin Water can keep you from getting the flu. That’s the claim anyways, and the National Consumers League has taken the complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

ScienceLine had this to say about VitaminWater some time ago; “A vitamin-fortified drink may sound like a swell idea, but there are two caveats to keep in mind. First, most Americans aren’t vitamin-deficient, according to Marion Nestle, a nutrition professor at New York University. A government survey in 1999 showed that the median American adult man or woman already consumes more than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6 and B12, and three-quarters of the RDA of vitamins C, B9 and A (including carotenes). In fact, vitamin E is the only surveyed vitamin Americans consume at less than half of the RDA — but it’s found in only a third of VitaminWater drinks. If you want to drink your additional vitamin E, there’s a second caveat: your body may not absorb it.”

Even though VitaminWater does contain many vitamins, it should never be used in place of a flu shot as advertised. Also, along with all those vitamins comes calories, and plenty of them. The bottle says just 50 calories per serving. It also says there are 2.5 servings per container, bringing the calorie count up to 125 calories. That’s pretty high for a bottle of water. It doesn’t stop there, the drink also contains 30 grams of sugar. By comparison, a Hershey’s chocolate bar only has 24 grams of sugar.

According to Dr. Richard Besser, who is ABC New’s chief health and medical editor said that the best way to get your vitamins is through diet and supplement. He also said the flu shot is the best way to guard against getting the flu. Besser also believes that sports drink companies make big health benefits, when the truth is you can get what you need from tap water.