October 3, 2022

TSA To Keep Invasive Pat-Downs Through The Holidays

airport terminal

Many wait with anticipation to see what will come of planned protests to new security scanning measures at airport security

So much has changed in travel since 9/11, and every single traveler, although irritated, has rolled with the punches, in hopes of having safer flights. Currently you have to take off jackets, shoes, belts, and some jewelry. Most go through without problems, so it makes everyone wonder, is more security really needed?

According to the TSA it is necessary. They see full body scanners as important and say they will be here through the holidays, so get used to them.

Still, many people are not comfortable with the scanner as pictures still are being found online.

The National Protest is in full swing as organizer Brian Sodergren has promoted “Opt out day” on Wednesday, November 24th, the busiest travel day of the year. Sodergren is staging this protest because he feels like buying a plane ticket shouldn’t mean you are guilty until proven innocent.

Experts are concerned about the boycott. They think that even if a few people do participate it could really create long lines and delays. The body scan takes 10 seconds, but for those that opt out, the full body pat-down will take much longer, and that will cause problems.

Sodergren says he had no idea how upset people were. He put up a website and started to instantly get comments. Other groups have now taken to his cause and are doing the same thing.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would not take part in an airport security pat-down.

Secretary Napolitano said the reason for the changes is due to the fact that terrorists are getting more and more creative in how they hide explosives. They even hide things in their underwear, which is why the TSA says we need this system in place.

For now we all sit and wait for Wednesday to see what exactly will take place, how many will protest and how much the scanners will really be used.