September 25, 2022

Travel To Cuba Could Become Easier

cuba flag

Travel to communist Cuba will be eased with new measures being put into place by President Obama

Travel to Cuba has long been difficult due to restrictions and rules in place. President Barack Obama recently announced some changes to the current restrictions that could offer some educational institutions and religious organizations the ability to travel to the country. This would increase the number of those who don’t have relatives in Cuba to be able to travel more easily to the country.

This move also opens all airports in the United States to chartered flights from communist Cuba that are properly licensed.

The new measures will most likely elicit mixed reactions from both Republicans and Democrats as the issue is a polarizing one. “I strongly oppose any new changes that weaken U.S. policy towards Cuba. I was opposed to the changes that have already been made by this administration and I oppose these new changes,” Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator in Florida said in a statement.

President Obama is pushing strongly towards a relationship with Cuba in which the communist nation respects the most basic of rights of its citizens, according to a statement made by the White House.

There has been talk that the administration has been intending to release the new looser restrictions on travel to Cuba, but they have been delayed since as early as October for a variety of reasons. One of these include the needed support for the tax compromise package.