January 22, 2019

Travel Alert Issued For Those Visiting Egypt

egypt travel alert

Americans traveling to Egypt have been cautioned to postpone plans until stability returns to the country

United States citizens are being asked to postpone any travel to Egypt at this time. Although another report states that the U.S. State Department didn’t end up issuing a travel warning on Friday and instead issued a “travel alert.” They have stated if your trip to Egypt is not essential, then do not travel.

The U.S. State Department issued the warning after other foreign governments had issued the same advisories.

The Dutch government warned against traveling in areas such as Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. Canadian government officials told travelers to use a “high degree of caution” as they traveled. Australia also issued a “high degree of caution” and advised travelers to reconsider traveling into Egypt at this time. Denmark was another country that also issued a travel warning, warning again unnecessary travel except to resorts, but to avoid Cairo.

U.S. officials did also warn that any Americans that were currently in Egypt should remain in their hotel or residence until the situation is resolved or stabilizes.

Those with travel reservations need to check with their airlines as Delta has already canceled it’s Friday flight.

The reason the State Department only issued a travel alert instead of a warning is because they view the issue as a short term risk to Americans.