September 25, 2022

Tracy Morgan Recovering After Kidney Transplant

tracy morgan

Actor Tracy Morgan underwent a kidney transplant recently, the surgery seems to have been a success. Image by david_shankbone.

Comedian Tracy Morgan, 42, who plays ‘Tracy Jordan’ on the TV show 30 Rock, underwent kidney transplant surgery on December 10. The surgery seems to have been successful as he is now resting and recovering.

Back in 1996 Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. During his first year of 30 Rock, he did not take very good care of himself. He was then warned by a doctor to take better care of himself or they might have to take his foot. That was all Morgan needed to hear and he immediately began treating his disease properly. He now takes his insulin everyday and never lets his blood sugar get over 120.

Morgan plans to return to work after the holidays. He will not be in at least two episodes of 30 Rock and possibly a third. They have covered his absence by saying that he had a meltdown because of a good thing that has happened to him.

Morgan is not the first cast member on 30 Rock to get a kidney transplant. Tracy’s security guard, Grizz Chapman, who is the national spokesman for Kidney Foundation, had the kidney transplant surgery earlier this year.

Morgan has already been seen at a Knicks game, but has not yet gone back to work for 30 Rock.