January 22, 2019

Tourism In Egypt Taking A Big Hit

egypt tourism

Tourists are steering clear of Egypt with all of the political unrest, which is taking a toll on the country's economy. Image by marviikad.

As you can imagine with all the upheaval going on in the country right now, tourism in Egypt is taking a big hit. Many countries, including the United States, has advised against travel to Egypt unless it’s absolutely necessary.

There have been flight delays because of the unrest and even holidays canceled. The Egyptian government has prompted airlines such as Germany’s Lufthansa, to cancel flights to Cairo. British Airways sent in extra aircraft just to get tourists out of the country.

Cairo International airport is the 2nd largest in Africa, and it sees roughly 16 million passengers a year. Of the 16 million, about 15 million are tourists, according to Egyptian Tourist Authority in New York.

The timing couldn’t be worse for tourism in Egypt. Winter is considered the high season for visitors. Several of the large tour operators have canceled excursions and trips. For instance, Gate 1 Travel and Norwegian Cruise Line have canceled all their stops in Egypt. Tourism in this country provides about 1 in 8 jobs.

There are tours in other places in Egypt that have not chosen to cancel. Nonetheless, travel agents are getting a lot of questions from travelers about their safety in the country at this time.

Some tourists continue to enjoy the sun and resorts on the Red Sea coast. Travel agents in the country said that tourists are safe there since it is so far away from the cities.