September 25, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse In The Skies On Monday

lunar eclipse

A full lunar eclipse will take place early in the morning on December 21st

Hopefully the skies will cooperate because on Monday night a lunar eclipse can be seen throughout North and Central America.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes behind the sun and the rays from the sun are blocked from striking the moon. It can only occur when there is a full moon. Unlike a solar eclipse that will only last for a few minutes, a lunar eclipse can be viewed for several hours.

According to NASA, the total phase should last about 3 and half hours. It will start at 1:33am EST and will finish at about 5:01am EST. The total eclipse is set to be at 3:17am EST or 12:17am PST.

The eclipse will run through the night of December 20 to December 21. December 21 is also winter solstice, when the moon is high in the sky. It’s also the shortest day of the year.

Lunar eclipses are much more common than solar eclipses, at about 2 a year. There is always a surprise with the lunar eclipse, no one ever knows what color the moon will become. The color of the moon depends on if it’s cloudy, dark or if the air is clear around the rim of the Earth. It could be any color such as red, orange, dark brown or even slate gray.