October 3, 2022

Too Disabled To Fly With U.S. Airways

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A passenger was recently removed for being "too disabled to fly" on a U.S. Airways flight

Johnnie Tuitel is a motivational speaker who flies often, as he speaks at many different venues. That all changed last month when he was kicked off a U.S. Airways plane because he was “too disabled to fly.”

Tuitel had gotten on the plane and was helped from his wheel chair to his seat. He was just getting settled in when the gate agent came back and told him he needed to get off the plane, unless he had someone assisting him, as he was a danger to himself and those around him if an emergency arose. Since Tuitel was traveling alone, he was taken off the plane immediately.

Two days later, in order to get home, he boarded another plane through another airline and flew home solo, no questions asked.

Tuitel claims that he has logged more than 500,000 miles in his travels as a motivational speaker and not once has he been removed from a plane or questioned about his disability.

When asked, Tuitel told ABC news, “I know my needs. Nobody asked me what my abilities were, nobody asked me what my needs were, they basically made the decision on my behalf without consulting me.”

U.S. Airways says that the gate agent was just doing her job. A spokesman for U.S. Airways, Valerie Wunder, said that the agent was following the company policy and they stand behind her decision.

Tuitel has cerebral palsy and because of his limitations he uses a wheel chair. He was embarrassed by the actions of U.S. Airways.

He is planning on meeting with U.S. Airways and wants to discuss the company’s policy. He would like to see some changes made that will keep him and others from being humiliated in the future.