September 25, 2022

Tony Parker Gets $50 Millon Extension

tony parker spurs

The Spurs signed Tony Parker for another 4 years as an extension to his existing contract. Image by aaronisnotcool.

The Spurs have signed Tony Parker for an additional 4 years at $50 million. At just 28 years old, the Spurs will have Parker through his prime.

By signing Parker, the Spurs will have kept together the three time NBA championship core, which includes Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

Many fans were wondering where Parker might end up after the end of last years season. Parker insisted that he and his wife, actress Eva Longoria Parker, wanted to stay in San Antonio. Even if that meant playing through a year as a free agent, they both just wanted to stay in the area.

With Duncan being 35 this next year, this will likely be the last chance for the Big Three to play together and pursue a fourth championship.

This is not the only long term contract that the Spurs have with a player. They recently signed Ginobili on for three more years and Richard Jefferson signed a four year deal over the summer.

Parker has spent his whole career with the Spurs. He joined the team when he was just 19 and was put in the starting line up after just five games.

This is home for Parker. He really enjoys Duncan and Ginobili and is excited to keep the adventure going.