June 27, 2022

Titans Don’t Pass Moss Up A Second Time

tennessee titans

The Titans take a chance on Randy Moss plucking him from the waiver wire

The Tennessee Titans learned their lesson the first time around. In the 1998 NFL Draft, Tennessee skipped Randy Moss letting the Minnesota Vikings snatch him up in the first round. After a seven year run in Minnesota, he was traded and bounced around several times before coming back to Minnesota for less than a month. He was recently waived by the team.

Now Moss has a new home and Titans fans can expect great things from the NFL single season touchdown reception record holder. He is a polarizing player who brings a lot to the game as well depth of ability to the Titans team.

Coach Jeff Fisher is already talking Moss up. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said, “Timing is everything. I really think the quicker we get him on the field, the longer he’s here, the more productive he’ll be. We think that he can help us, and I’m looking forward to seeing him run under those deep balls.”

The Titans weren’t first up to snag Moss. They currently rank 23rd on the list of NFL teams in the waiver system. Many thought Miami would gladly step up to the plate to take him. He could have filled in the deep threat holes the offense is facing, but Miami passed. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson for next time around. Just like Tennessee did.