June 27, 2022

There May Be No Free Lunch but Budweiser Will Offer Free Beer

Budweiser Plans Free Sample Giveaway

Budweiser Plans Free Sample Giveaway

Today Budweiser will be announcing a nationwide free-sample promotional campaign that will be launched in popular drinking and eating establishments next Monday. The giveaway is part of the St. Louis brewery’s attempt to get young adult beer-drinkers to try the Budweiser brand. The marketing campaign will be promoted using a “Grab Some Buds” slogan.

On September 29th, the campaign will showcase “Budweiser National Happy Hour.”¬† Depending upon local laws, free samples of 6 to 12 ounces will be offered to just about anyone of legal drinking age. Budweiser anticipates giving away half a million free samples through mid-October. They are also joining forces with Facebook to offer a free birthday beer to individuals turning age 22 and up.

Bud’s sales have taken a major hit in recent years. The brand, once one of the most popular in the US, seems to have lost its mojo. In a 2003 survey of national product brands Budweiser ranked 16th. However, this year the brand has dropped to 220th.

It appears that many upscale beer drinkers have switched to “boutique” beers or microbrews while the budget conscious gravitate to lower priced brews. Still others have turned to the popular “light” beers.

Bud sales fell 9% last year and are down almost the same amount this year. However, executives at Annheuser Busch are convinced that they can rekindle¬† the Budweiser brand’s appeal to younger beer-drinkers with an image enhancement and the reintroduction of the product to the younger crowd via the free sampling campaign.