September 25, 2022

The Oregon Ducks Are Headed To The Biggest Game In School History

oregon ducks

The Ducks pounded a win out of the Beavers today wrapping up an undefeated regular season

The Oregon Ducks wrapped up their regular season with a 37-20 win over in-state rivals, the Oregon Beavers. This left them with a regular season record of 12-0, qualifying the school for their first ever BCS National Championship Game berth. In 37 days, they’ll play for the biggest win in school history, a national championship.

Ducks’ coach Chip Kelly has approached the season with a business mindset this year. The motto he’s pounded into his players is “Win the Day” which seems to have worked for this undefeated team. After the win over the Beavers, he was already looking ahead to the next challenge and reflecting on the work the team would face in the coming weeks.

“We’re not playing for a national championship now — we’re going to prepare for it,” Kelly said in a press conference. “Let’s get some game tape going and get at it.”

That’s exactly what this program needed in order to bring it the last leg of the rise from the depths of college football nobodies to a nationally recognized team. The program’s stats have been less than stellar over the years, going as many as 26 years without so much as a bowl appearance.

It seems all that has now changed as the team sets it’s sights on the culmination of college football work: a national championship.