October 3, 2022

The Latest Version Of Tiger Woods Is “Blessed” And “Balanced”

tiger woods

A newly defined Tiger Woods is starting to make more public appearances as he attempts to rebuild his image. Image by Keith Allison.

It’s been almost exactly a year since the world was gripped with the uncovering of the scandalous life Tiger Woods had been leading. Following his mysterious car crash near his home, details of multiple extra-marital affairs began to surface. Many speculated this would lead to the undoing of one of the best professional athletes the world has ever seen.

Indeed it did lead to Woods losing his No. 1 spot atop the golf rankings, and he hasn’t won a single tournament this year. Yet the once golf superstar is claiming to be on the mend as he now turns his attention to his public image.

During a radio interview with “Mike & Mike in the Morning” on ESPN 1050 Thursday, Woods claims his life is “so much better now because of this past year.” He went on to refer to the incidents surrounding the day after Thanksgiving and triggered revelations as a source of contributing to where he is today as a “blessed” and “balanced” person.

Woods and wife Elin finalized their divorce in August. He was unwilling to talk about the details of the accident and kept focus on the positive outcome he is feeling.

It’s apparent Tiger is working to repair his public image and attempt to reconnect with fans. A number of sports experts speculate he stands to return to the top of golf and be stronger and more competitive than ever.