January 22, 2019

The Daily Gives iPad Users A Fresh News Experience

the daily

The Daily for the Apple iPad is Rupert Murdoch's bet on new media meets newspaper

How about daily news sent to your iPad instead of reading the paper? Well today Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. launched The Daily.

The Daily is a publication built just for the iPad, in what Murdock hopes will be the next generation of readers. For just $39.99, The Daily will deliver up to 100 pages of news and information each day to iPad users. This offer is available immediately and the News Corp is offering the first 2 weeks free. That is thanks to Verizon who will be picking up the tab.

The Daily will include HD quality videos and 360-degree photos. That won’t be all. It will also include social networking features.

Murdock is betting on consumers paying for digital content. The have the option of paying 99 cents per week or $39.99 a year for the publication.

The Daily’s success will come from the writing. They are concentrating hard on finding content that readers can’t find for free online. They won’t be re-writting articles or repackaging material. Instead they will have new, fresh material.

The whole publication cost $30 million to develop, and the publications will cost less than $2 million a month to produce.

The other challenge will be to get readers. Newspapers and magazines began declining years ago. In 1992, the Los Angeles Times had more than 1 million for both the weekday and Sundays. As of last October, it was  around 600,000 and Sunday sales were just over 900,000.

The Wall Street Journal is the only daily paper that has not dipped below a million readers.