June 27, 2022

The Beatles On iTunes

The Beatles

iTunes fans everywhere have been going nuts over the newly offered Beatles music on the digital music service

It’s been a long time coming, but finally music by The Beatles can now be purchased on iTunes. In just 24 hours, The Beatles are dominating the service’s albums and song charts.

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, was the one that secured the deal to bring this Fab Four into the digital music world. He wasn’t the only one pursuing The Beatles. Google and Amazon were also trying to secure the group for themselves.

In the end, it was Apple iTunes that offered The Beatles the best deal. The deal was done by EMI CEO Roger Faxon. He took his position in June and almost immediately began to work with Apple Corps, which is the company that manages all of The Beatle’s business.

Since the debut they have done nothing but climb the charts. On the song charts 28 of the top 100 tunes are those of The Beatles.

On the album charts, they have 16 of the top 50 results, including The Beatles Box Set, Abbey Road and The Beatles (White Album).

Now that The Beatles have finally arrived to iTunes, that leaves acts like AC/DC, Garth Brookes, and Bob Seger as part of the few that still don’t offer their music at iTunes…yet. It’s just a matter of time before they succumb to the digital music age.