October 3, 2022

One More Hit Against WikiLeaks

The backlash against WikiLeaks continues. On Tuesday, Apple Inc. removed an application from its iTunes App Store that allowed users to access information from the WikiLeaks web site. It also removed its Twitter feed. This change affects those using mobile devices from Apple such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple has joined the ranks of […]

Bank Of America No Longer Handling Wikileaks Payments

Several financial institutions have refused to handle Wikileaks payments with Bank of America the latest to join their ranks. Bank of American Corp said it will no longer process any transactions if they think they are to be used for the Wikileaks website. In a statement released by the bank on Saturday, they said, “This […]

Big Sites Target Of Latest Hacker Fest

A number of big company sites including MasterCard, Visa and PayPal were all targeted Wednesday by an anonymous group of hackers trying to block access to the companies’ sites. The reason for going after these sites specifically was due to the perception that they had a hand in harming WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has released a number […]