May 23, 2022

Apple iOS 4.3 Coming, Possibly On Valentine’s Day

Rumor has it that the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, iOS version 4.3, is coming as soon as Valentine’s Day. Some sites are even reporting that the OS will arrive to users on February 14. The new Verizon iPhone is scheduled to be released on February 10, and is to ship with […]

Which Device Wins In A Head To Head Match Between Verizon iPhone And Android

Apple iPhone fans were finally rewarded today with an announcement of a Verizon iPhone hitting the market early next month. This fulfills many predictions made by media outlets and Internet sites speculating about how soon the iPhone would make it to the Verizon network. For many, the Verizon iPhone is a no brainer. They’ll switch […]

Media Frenzy Surrounds News Of Tuesday Verizon Announcement

News sites and blogs have been whipped into a frenzy when invitations to a Verizon Wireless announcement started hitting media journalist’s hands this past week. Everyone is assuming the press event being held in New York City will be a joint one between Apple and Verizon to finally announce the Verizon iPhone. Initial rumors pegged […]

Verizon iPhone Expected To Be Announced By Mid February

The latest report stakes an Apple announcement of a Verizon iPhone just in time for Valentine’s Day. This time, it was Bloomberg Businessweek that issued a report about the coming debut of a Verizon compatible iPhone. Such an announcement would end a long run by AT&T of exclusive access to the iPhone. The device was […]

Verizon iPhone Latest News

The saga continues with the rumors surrounding Apple releasing a version of the iPhone compatible with the Verizon Wireless network. Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, indicated back in September that the iPhone was still a ways off from making it’s way to Verizon. He said they would need to earn the iPhone, and they hadn’t yet. […]