May 21, 2022

2 Minute LTE Network Connection Delay On Verizon Getting Fixed

Verizon Wireless recently noted that users connecting up to their new LTE (Long Term Evolution) network could experience delays of up to 2 minutes. The two minute delay happens while USB modem devices negotiate a connection after switching from 3G service coverage to the 4G service or LTE network. What’s more, one person, Business Insider’s […]

No Contract Price Plans Will Be Offered By Verizon On LTE 4G Service

Verizon Wireless is upping the high speed Internet on the go ante on Sunday when it rolls out it’s 4G service to customers in 38 markets and over 60 airports. What’s more, the company said it will offer no contract options that will be priced the same as the contract plans. The only difference between […]