June 26, 2022

Got An Airline Complaint? Take It To Twitter

It used to be that if someone received bad service on a flight, you would find them at the customer service counter causing a scene. With social media on the rise, things have changed. Now as soon as someone has a bad experience, they immediately post it to their twitter account. Airlines, like Delta, have […]

Mexican Drug Wars Spread to the Internet

With the ferocious drug trafficking war impacting their lives, large numbers of Mexicans check social networking web sites every morning to find out if they will come across any problems on the way to school or work. While ordinary citizens log in to advise others where a body has been discovered in their local area […]

Twitter Chaos Resolved

Many people in the Twitter community received a shock on Tuesday morning when they logged in to their Twitter accounts. They discovered spam messages, bizarre pop-ups and, in some cases, hard core pornography. What was going on with the popular site?. It seems that a major gap in the Twitter security system was being exploited. […]