September 25, 2022

Tourism In Egypt Taking A Big Hit

As you can imagine with all the upheaval going on in the country right now, tourism in Egypt is taking a big hit. Many countries, including the United States, has advised against travel to Egypt unless it’s absolutely necessary. There have been flight delays because of the unrest and even holidays canceled. The Egyptian government […]

Will Airports Ever Be Safe?

Terrorists have targeted the travel industry, specifically the aviation through hijackings and bombings. Since so much has been done to secure all planes and airports, it only makes sense for the terrorists to attack the area that is the most unprotected. On Monday, a suicide bomber entered a busy international airport in Moscow. He set […]

Continued Impact Of Gulf Oil Spill

The gulf oil spill has had far reaching effects on the environment, as well as local businesses that depend on healthy marine life for business. The disaster will take years to recover from as cleanup efforts continue. It isn’t just an environmental impact that is being felt, however. Louisiana’s state tourism agency estimates that income […]

Southwest Still Going Strong, But Fuel Prices Continue To Rise

Southwest Airlines, known as the world’s low fare carrier, continues to do well. Fourth quarter profits rose 13 % over the same time last year. That rise is due to travelers paying higher average fares. Southwest even said that the first quarter is already looking strong and is well booked. In the second quarter, Southwest […]

Travel To Cuba Could Become Easier

Travel to Cuba has long been difficult due to restrictions and rules in place. President Barack Obama recently announced some changes to the current restrictions that could offer some educational institutions and religious organizations the ability to travel to the country. This would increase the´╗┐ number of those who don’t have relatives in Cuba to […]

Promoters Of Travel Services Are Banking On “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” To Deliver

Tonight TLC will air the final episode of the eight episode series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The series stars Alaska’s former governor and the vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and, at times, her family, along with other guests. Travel promoters are banking heavily on the series and it’s two hour finale to spark interest in Alaska […]

Hijacking Alert Triggered On Plane

We all get our morning coffee on our way to work, so I guess it’s no different for a pilot to need his morning coffee as well. The biggest difference is when we spill, it’s a lot less of an issue for us than it is for a pilot on a plane carrying 241 passengers. […]

Holiday Travel Woes Continue

It started before Christmas in Europe with a snow storm that delayed and canceled flights. During Christmas, and now a few days after, the East Coast in blanketed in snow, again stranding travelers. Monday was no exception to canceled flights. Three New York area airports were closed after the blizzard covered the East Coast. Airlines […]

Baggage Fees Gives Airlines Huge Profit Gains

Hope you don’t mind paying the fee for checking a bag when you fly, because it has proven to be profitable for all U.S. airlines. Chances are those fees are not going away anytime soon. The Department of Transportation reported last week that U.S. airlines collected $2.56 billion in baggage fees alone from January through […]

Snow And Treacherous Weather Continues In Europe Stranding Many

The snow storms continue to paralyze many parts of Europe. Flights that have been canceled or delayed since Friday and there is more bad weather on the way. Tens of thousands of passengers are stranded at airports across Europe. Many highways still remain closed. Trains and buses that could carry travelers have been restricted and […]