August 10, 2022

Acer Gets Into The Tablet Game

Acer announced it is throwing it’s hat into the ring with not one, but three new tablet devices. The computer manufacturer, the second largest in the world, pulled the wraps off the three devices aimed at carving a slice out of the tablet market that Apple has dominated lately with it’s iPad device. Two of […]

Apple iPad 2 Speculation Heats Up Anticipation

Analysts and tech experts are already speculating on the next iteration of the Apple iPad citing signs in the supply chain as the signals an updated device is in the works. Apple has sold over 7.5 million iPads through the end of September with another 6 million anticipated to sell before the end of the […]

Galaxy Tab Becomes Available for Sprint Premier Customers

If you’re one of the lucky few, and many more are than realize it, you can pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Tab ahead of the crowd. This saves you from having to wait in line when the device releases in Sprint stores on November 14th. Sprint Premier customers are customers with monthly plans of $69.99 or […]