September 25, 2022

Eastern States Getting Hammered With Snow Again

Another storm is moving across the eastern states again. They were hit at Christmas with inclement weather that lasted a few days, stranding holiday travelers all over the Eastern states. Easterners need to brace themselves for another round because Delta has started canceling all flights into and out of Atlanta. Not only that, but travelers […]

Holiday Travel Woes Continue

It started before Christmas in Europe with a snow storm that delayed and canceled flights. During Christmas, and now a few days after, the East Coast in blanketed in snow, again stranding travelers. Monday was no exception to canceled flights. Three New York area airports were closed after the blizzard covered the East Coast. Airlines […]

Snow Hits East Coast

It was an unexpected white Christmas for some on the East Coast. On Christmas Day, Virginia and North Carolina both declared states of emergency as crews worked throughout the day to try and clear the snow. The mid Atlantic states spent Christmas Day preparing for what was predicted to hit: a foot of snow. With […]