June 26, 2022

Swine Flu Deadly To Obese People

The Swine Flu is already dangerous enough for small children and those with compromised immune systems, but new findings show those that are extremely obese are also at a risk of dying from the swine flu. Those that are considered extremely obese are people with a body mass index of 40 or higher. Researchers revealed […]

Obesity Linked to Our Genes

Researchers have completed two studies and have discovered 18 new gene sites linked to obesity levels and another 13 that play a role in determining obesity. These findings are based on a study of nearly 250,000 people, making this the largest effort to discover where obesity comes from. The study was conducted in Cambridge, UK […]

Report Reveals the Cost of Obesity in Dollars and Cents

Most people are fully aware that obesity can cause a significant drop in life expectancy. However no one, until now, has determined how much money being obese may cost in terms of dollars. Scientists have long recognized being overweight inflates medical bills. However, it seems that there is quite a bit more to consider. Researchers […]