June 26, 2022

Windows 7 Tablet Version Coming At CES

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft is reported to be toting along a tablet running a yet to be determined version of the Windows 7 operating system. It’s unclear if it will be a new iteration or a glorified version of Windows Phone 7. Regardless, it could fulfill a commitment Steve Ballmer alluded […]

Cloud Computing Can Give The Environment A Helping Hand

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) funded a recent study surrounding the effects of cloud computing and its impact on the environment. It found that less energy was used along with a significantly lower release of carbon when compared to the same functions running on a company’s own infrastructure. Cloud services, including cloud computing, leverage server infrastructure already […]

Steve Ballmer Sells $1.3 Billion Worth Of Microsoft Stock

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unloaded 50 million shares of the software giant’s stock late last week. Image Courtesy of Microsoft. Last week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Steve Ballmer sold a total of roughly 50 million shares of Microsoft (MSFT) stock for about $1.3 billion. This is the first time Ballmer has sold company stock […]

Microsoft Tablet Computer Coming Soon But CEO Ballmer Concentrates on Windows Phone 7

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO said on Tuesday that Windows-powered tablet computers will be available to shoppers in time for the Christmas shopping rush. However, he was also clear that his current top priority is the Windows Phone 7. Addressing a gathering at the London School of Economics, BallmerĀ  said that he recognized that Microsoft, even […]