October 3, 2022

Jennifer Aniston And Chelsea Handler Headed To Mexico For Thanksgiving

Los Cabo, Mexico is a great place to vacation and for former “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston it’s a favorite of hers. She had spent her 41st birthday there last February with Courtney Cox and Gerard Butler. She decided to head back for the Thanksgiving Holiday. This time she took her really good friend, comedian Chelsea […]

Explosion In Mexico Kills 7

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico at a resort hotel an explosion took the lives of 7 people. Another 15 to 20 were injured. The explosion took place at the 676 room Grand Riviera Princess Hotel. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but officials believe it was a build up of natural gas […]

20 Year Old Hopes To Change A Small Township In Mexico

Twenty year old Marisol Velles Garcia was sworn in Wednesday to be the new police chief in a small township of 8,500 people in the Jaurez Valley in Mexico. It’s one of the most dangerous municipals in northern Chihuahua. She hasn’t finished her criminology degree yet, but she is ready to try and solve some […]