August 10, 2022

Another Crazy McDonald’s Lawsuit

An unnamed former manager at the McDonald’s franchise in Porto Allegre, Brazil has sued McDonald’s for gaining over 65 lbs in 12 years while on the job, and he won. He was awarded $17,500. The 32 year old former manager says that when he started working at McDonald’s he weighed 155 pounds. After his 12 […]

Lindsay Lohan Withdraws E*Trade Super Bowl Ad Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan’s attorney reports that the troubled actress has settled the $100 million lawsuit she filed which accused E*Trade of basing the “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay in a Super Bowl TV commercial on her without her permission thus violating her privacy.. Court records indicate that Lohan withdrew the lawsuit against the online brokerage on Monday. […]

ACLU Lawsuit Challenges ‘No Fly List’

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit for ten United States citizens and legal residents who are banned from flying to or from the U.S.A. or over U.S. air space because their names appear on the “No Fly List.” None of the people in the litigation, which includes a disabled U.S. Marine Corps […]