August 10, 2022

Apple To Fix Some Water-Damaged Phones

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and the iPod shuffle have sensors on the inside that allow technicians to know when the phone has been dropped into with water. The sensor changes from a white/silver color to a red/pink color, but only if the device has come into contact with water. […]

Angry Birds Huge Hit and Getting Bigger

Most people have heard of Angry Birds. You have heard about people playing the game, you have heard comedians tell jokes about the game and parents are making their kids’ birthday themes about Angry Birds. It’s everywhere. Well it’s not going to stop with just the a couple of gamea. There is a new version […]

iPhone Lets Some Users Down Already In 2011

Many people depend on their iPhone for a lot more than just to make and receive calls while on the go. The usefulness of the device has caused those who carry it to depend on it for even simple things such as grocery lists, task reminders and some needed entertainment every now and then. Unfortunately, […]

Apple iPad 2 Speculation Heats Up Anticipation

Analysts and tech experts are already speculating on the next iteration of the Apple iPad citing signs in the supply chain as the signals an updated device is in the works. Apple has sold over 7.5 million iPads through the end of September with another 6 million anticipated to sell before the end of the […]

Skyfire Hits A Home Run With iPhone Users

Today a company named Skyfire released a little application in the Apple iTunes Store that solves a big problem for iPhone users. The Skyfire app gets around the lack of Adobe Flash support in the iPhone web browser. Apple has yet to support Adobe’s Flash Player on the iPhone for a variety of speculated reasons. […]