October 3, 2022

The Daily Gives iPad Users A Fresh News Experience

How about daily news sent to your iPad instead of reading the paper? Well today Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. launched The Daily. The Daily is a publication built just for the iPad, in what Murdock hopes will be the next generation of readers. For just $39.99, The Daily will deliver up to 100 […]

Apple iPad2 Updated Anticipated Features List

Thanks to some enterprising Apple iPad and iPhone developers, we have an idea of new features that will be included in the next version of the Apple iPad2. Although not confirmed features by Apple, several developers have torn apart the beta version of Apple’s iOS 4.3 operating system to discover clues for what Apple will […]

Galaxy Tab Hits Critical Mass Mark

The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device just hit a major milestone according to a Samsung spokesperson. It sold its one millionth unit. It took just two months for the device to reach that 1 million sales mark in markets around the world. Although the numbers don’t even come close to the Apple iPad’s 1 million […]

Apple iPad 2 Speculation Heats Up Anticipation

Analysts and tech experts are already speculating on the next iteration of the Apple iPad citing signs in the supply chain as the signals an updated device is in the works. Apple has sold over 7.5 million iPads through the end of September with another 6 million anticipated to sell before the end of the […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Challenges the iPad

Korean electronics powerhouse Samsung announced this week that it plans to unveil its answer to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab, with the four primary US cellular phone carriers, enhancing the product’s likelihood of success in the essential US market. To date Apple’s iPad tablet pc has virtually cornered the market since its introduction in April, […]