June 28, 2022

Egypt Goes Off Line

In a move not seen before, the Egyptian government shut down all Internet traffic Friday amid massive demonstrations and borderline war breakout. All surrounding people calling for President Hosni Mubarek’s resignation. It started out with a reported few sites being blocked including social network sites, then escalated to an entire government controlled Internet shut down […]

MacBook Air The Apple Of Company’s Eye During Press Event

New MacBook Air models were announced today during a press event titled “Back to the Mac” at the Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The models came as a surprise, as is typically the case with Apple, to event attendees. The Apple first released the MacBook Air as a new ultra-slim model line back in […]

YouTube Set to Try Live Streaming

YouTube, already synonymous with video-on-demand, is now taking a bold step forward into the world of live video streaming. On Monday, YouTube will begin phase 1 of testing its platform for streaming live videos from third party content providers, a step in developing the Google TV service. Although the testing is in partnership with four […]