October 3, 2022

Death Toll Hits 900 In Haiti

Cholera, the waterborne disease, continues to spread through Haiti. Six out of ten provinces have the disease present with over 14,000 people hospitalized. Even with these high numbers, officials say that it could possibly be higher since many fatalities will go unrecorded in the mountainous areas. The worst affected area is Artibonite, also known as […]

Cholera Outbreak In Haiti On The Rise

Just five days ago, the Midecins San Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders, saw 30 cases of Cholera at Choscal Hospital on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. By Thursday, the number of cases seen was 216. The rise in in the illness and in deaths from the illness is alarming. It’s expected to go even higher. According […]

Tropical Storm Tomas Likely To Beat Up On Haiti

Haiti, the scene for more than its fair share of natural disasters and trauma the last few years, is about to take a few more punches. This time from Tropical Storm Tomas. The storm is expected to reach hurricane strength as it sweeps past Haiti and Port-Au-Prince, impacting but not delivering a direct hit to […]