June 28, 2022

Google TV A Solid Product With Confusing Happenings

Google TV recently attempted to take the world by storm through strategic partnerships with Logitech and Sony, among others. The splash soon turned into small ripples as interesting events shortly after the big launch have taken things in a different direction. It started with rumors that Google had asked partners to remove Google TV products […]

Google TV May Already Be Showing Signs Of Weakness

In a strange holiday play, Sony is already cutting prices on it’s Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player. When released, less than a month ago, it was going for $399 MSRP. The price was just cut to $299 for Black Friday weekend sales. The sale isn’t a door buster tactic being employed by one or […]

YouTube Set to Try Live Streaming

YouTube, already synonymous with video-on-demand, is now taking a bold step forward into the world of live video streaming. On Monday, YouTube will begin phase 1 of testing its platform for streaming live videos from third party content providers, a step in developing the Google TV service. Although the testing is in partnership with four […]