June 26, 2022

Antarctica Is About To Be Studied, From The Underside

Determining the impact global warming has on the environment is a tough one. Experts know there is a significant impact on the planet, especially in the glaciers in Antarctica. Up until recently, calculating the severity of the impact has been very tough to measure. Traditionally, scientists have studied places such as Antarctica from space using […]

Cancun Climate Change Conference Ends With Positive Results

After two weeks of intense negotiating, an agreement has been reached at the Cancun climate change conference. Some still think that the agreement fell short of what needed to happen to keep from having a dangerous climate change in decades to come. However, everyone agreed that at least groundwork has been laid to start the […]

Cancun Summit Talks Continue

Representatives from 194 nations have spent the last week talking about ways to control global warming. They will continue on for another week as they make decisions to benefit the environment and try to create ways to fund the poorer countries do the same. Many are worried about  a repeat of last year, when in […]

Not Enough Being Done To Stop Global Warming

United Nations Scientists have done research showing that given all the pledges and promises made last year alone by some 80 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Copenhagen Accord, efforts fell short from what is needed to keep the global temperature rise to 2C. By keeping the global temperature that low they hope […]

Victorian Pressed Flowers May Shed Light on Climate Change

Victorian collectors who picked a variety of flowers 150 years ago may turn out to be an important new resource for scientists studying climate change. A shortage of sound long-term records on phenology – the study of climate-based events like the dating of trees when they come into leaf or flowers blooming every spring – […]