October 3, 2022

France Considering A New Eco Friendly Location For Nuclear Reactors

Most environmentally conscious people don’t like the idea of nuclear power plants or their possible proximity to populations. However, nuclear power provides a safe and effective method for producing huge amounts of power. A naval company named DCNS that provides services to the French government thinks they may have a way to have your nuclear […]

Travel In France Difficult Due To Continued Strikes

With the complete shut down of France’s refineries and current transportation strike, it’s hard to get anywhere in France these days. If you land at the airport, you are not able to hail a taxi to your destination. Flights through Air France have been canceled due to lack of fuel. Air France estimates each day […]

Terror Alerts And Strikes Make Travel In France Almost Impossible

Sunday, a warning came from the French interior minister about the possibility of an al-Qaeda attack. Additionally, government workers are on strike, with the French oil industry workers blocking access to refineries. This makes traveling in France right now less than desirable. The latest terror alert shows that there is a new threat from al-Qaeda […]

French Warn of Impending Terror Attack in Britain

The French government, saying that it is ‘very likely’ that a terrorist attack will occur in the U.K., have released their most ominous terror alert in years. The dramatic declaration by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry warns that visitors to Britain must  exercise ‘extreme vigilance’, particularly in famous tourist locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar […]