June 26, 2022

Snow And Treacherous Weather Continues In Europe Stranding Many

The snow storms continue to paralyze many parts of Europe. Flights that have been canceled or delayed since Friday and there is more bad weather on the way. Tens of thousands of passengers are stranded at airports across Europe. Many highways still remain closed. Trains and buses that could carry travelers have been restricted and […]

Snow Storm In Europe Cancels Many Flights

On Friday, many flights were canceled out of many airports in Europe as heavy snow fell. There were major delays reported in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Britain experience the wrath of the storm as well. Frankfurt is continental Europe’s second biggest hub and it saw over 600 cancellations. The airport was completely shut down for […]

Should Americans Be Worried About Traveling In Europe

Just last night, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning to Americans traveling in Europe. The warning itself was very vague and did not include a lot of information, but will stay in effect until January 2011. The alert warned Americans of possible Al-Qaida attacks that could take place in Europe, yet no specific […]

Europeans Criticize New U.S. Tourism Tax

Legislators in Europe have become critical of the United States for adding a $14 entry fee on international travelers, increasing the likelihood of retaliatory levies on American visitors to the European Union. The controversial tax was introduced by the U.S. in September. It affects visitors from 36 countries — including Western European nations, Australia and […]