December 12, 2018

Climate Talks Begin Tomorrow In Cancun

Tomorrow summit talks surrounding the environment and global warming begin in Cancun, with the United Nations trying to reach an agreement for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The British will be releasing a report that shows how up to a billion people could lose their homes in the next 90 years if things don’t get […]

BP Oil Spill Emergency Compensation

It all started back in April when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank just off Louisiana’s coastline. The explosion killed 11 crew members and created an oil spill that is bigger than any seen in U.S. history. BP has created an emergency compensation fund for those affected by this accident. That includes out […]

Not Enough Being Done To Stop Global Warming

United Nations Scientists have done research showing that given all the pledges and promises made last year alone by some 80 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Copenhagen Accord, efforts fell short from what is needed to keep the global temperature rise to 2C. By keeping the global temperature that low they hope […]

Environmental vs. Safety Concerns Make Christmas Tree Decision A Tough One

Deciding between a fake tree or a real one at Christmas time is a tough decision for many. On one hand, fake Christmas trees made of plastic are much tougher on the environment from both a manufacturing perspective as well as end of life result. On the other, real trees pose a much greater safety […]

Settlement Finalized By 9/11 Workers

A settlement was finally reached by workers who were exposed to debris that ended up being toxic from the September 11 attacks by terrorists in 2001. Many first responders, who claim they did not have the proper equipment or preparation for what they faced, have experienced respiratory issues and other health problems in the years […]

Florida, Clean Up Your Waterways

The state of Florida has already had a 15 month long delay in cleaning up their waterways from all the pollution, yet they still refuse to do it. They need to take care of business and get it done and not resist what inevitably has to be done. There are limits set for farm and […]

Death Toll Hits 900 In Haiti

Cholera, the waterborne disease, continues to spread through Haiti. Six out of ten provinces have the disease present with over 14,000 people hospitalized. Even with these high numbers, officials say that it could possibly be higher since many fatalities will go unrecorded in the mountainous areas. The worst affected area is Artibonite, also known as […]

Cholera Outbreak In Haiti On The Rise

Just five days ago, the Midecins San Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders, saw 30 cases of Cholera at Choscal Hospital on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. By Thursday, the number of cases seen was 216. The rise in in the illness and in deaths from the illness is alarming. It’s expected to go even higher. According […]

Cloud Computing Can Give The Environment A Helping Hand

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) funded a recent study surrounding the effects of cloud computing and its impact on the environment. It found that less energy was used along with a significantly lower release of carbon when compared to the same functions running on a company’s own infrastructure. Cloud services, including cloud computing, leverage server infrastructure already […]

EPA Is Not Interested In Banning Lead In Fishing Tackle

A petition was submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency by several environmental groups asking for a ban on lead being used in fishing tackle. The EPA denied the petition indicating it did not provide enough evidence that lead in fishing tackle was harming the environment. It based it’s decision on requirements set forth in the […]