November 16, 2018

Explosion Sends Sludge And Raw Sewage Into River

An explosion at a waste water management site just south of Chicago has sent one to one and half million gallons of sledge flowing into the Kankakee River. The incident is under investigation as authorities try to determine what the cause of the explosion was. Initial reports are that the methane gas that is used […]

The EPA Has Resolved To Reduce Pollution In Coming Years

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said that during this next year, they will work to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries and power plants. They will also start announcing plans on how that will happen. This was a result of a lawsuit against the EPA. Eleven states, the District of Columbia and New […]

Total Lunar Eclipse In The Skies On Monday

Hopefully the skies will cooperate because on Monday night a lunar eclipse can be seen throughout North and Central America. A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes behind the sun and the rays from the sun are blocked from striking the moon. It can only occur when there is a full moon. Unlike a […]

Columbia River To Be Used To Export Coal

The plans are in place to make the West Coast a big exporter of coal to Asia, specifically China. Although the plans to open the first major coal export facility have been delayed pending an appeal. The U.S. along with the whole world are trying hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so taking them from […]

Cancun Climate Change Conference Ends With Positive Results

After two weeks of intense negotiating, an agreement has been reached at the Cancun climate change conference. Some still think that the agreement fell short of what needed to happen to keep from having a dangerous climate change in decades to come. However, everyone agreed that at least groundwork has been laid to start the […]

Cancun Talks Continue, Decisions Not Yet Made

The climate control talks taking place in Cancun, Mexico are quickly coming to an end. The summit meeting is 12 days long and ends on December 10, yet there are still decisions to be made. The Kyoto Protocol, which is a legally binding agreement among some of the developed nations to cap emissions, is set […]

Cancun Summit Talks Continue

Representatives from 194 nations have spent the last week talking about ways to control global warming. They will continue on for another week as they make decisions to benefit the environment and try to create ways to fund the poorer countries do the same. Many are worried about  a repeat of last year, when in […]

No More Drilling Near Florida

President Obama announced on Wednesday that there will no longer be offshore drilling off the Atlantic Coast or even in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed eleven workers and caused an undersea leak for 87 days, spilling 4.9 million barrels of oil, the Obama administration has changed its mind […]

Public Transportation Doesn’t Always Pencil Out

Mention the words “public transportation” and most people think of environmental and cost savings. Groups of people traveling together keeps cars with single occupants off the roads resulting in a reduced impact on the world we live in. That is sound thinking, yet isn’t the end result in most cases according to some experts. In […]

Kettleman Landfill Fined $300,000

Waste Management Inc., which owns a facility outside of Kettleman, California, has been fined for not properly disposing of the chemical polychlorinated biphenyl or PCBs. The fine of $302,100 is for mismanagement of PCBs within the property. PCBs are commonly found in circuit breakers, plasticizers, additives in lubricating and cutting oils, electrical transformers, flame retardants, […]