October 3, 2022

Favre Retires Again

Brett Favre, the Minnesota Viking’s quarterback, has officially turned in his paperwork to the NFL for retirement. This is not the first time Favre has “retired” or even the second. Back in 2008 and 2009 he said he was done playing, and returned to the field both times. This time things are different. After a […]

Sunday Not Looking Good For Brett Favre

The hit Brett Favre took on December 20 in a game against the Chicago Bears, which the Minnesota Vikings ended up losing, has been plaguing him for going on two weeks now. He sustained a concussion during the hit and has been sidelined since. Based on a recent report by the Detroit News, Favre is […]

Is Brett Favre Finally Finished?

Last night Brett Favre stepped on the field in the starting line up. This was a surprise to many since it was still questionable if he would even play. Favre knew it was the last home game and he talked his way into the starting line up. “This also may seem kind of crazy, but […]

Brett Favre Ends His Streak

Brett Favre, 41, has started every game since 1992, but on Monday that streak will end. Favre is dealing with a hurt shoulder that was strained in the Dec. 5th game. Favre holds the most impressive starting streak in NFL history. Tarvaris Jackson will replace Favre on Monday’s game. He led the Vikings to a […]

Injured Favre Wants To Play On Sunday

Brett Favre, 41, sustained two fractures in his left foot last week, and even though he is in a walking cast, he is hoping to possibly play on Sunday against the New England Patriots. Doctors have told Favre that he will not do further damage to his heel bone. If he wants to play, it’s […]