May 21, 2022

Report on Airline Efficiency Brings Mixed Reviews

Following two years of recession and declining revenues ,the most recent monthly report issued by The Aviation Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Transportation should finally give the airline industry something to cheer about. The report tracks major airlines on parameters such as departure and arrival delays, mishandled baggage, booking problems, and similar passenger […]

‘Emergency Announcement’ Startles Air Passengers Over North Sea

275 passengers on a British Airways flight from London feared for their lives when an announcement came over the in-cabin speaker system announcing that they were about to make an emergency landing while over the North Sea. Passengers settling in for the long flight to Hong Kong were stunned upon hearing the automated female voice […]

ACLU Lawsuit Challenges ‘No Fly List’

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit for ten United States citizens and legal residents who are banned from flying to or from the U.S.A. or over U.S. air space because their names appear on the “No Fly List.” None of the people in the litigation, which includes a disabled U.S. Marine Corps […]